Bio and Perspective

Alice Shannon, LMFT has been in private practice for twenty years. Her full scope psychotherapy practice is in Arcata, CA. She specializes in helping parents and school staff to understand and respond effectively to temperament based behavior problems and concerns in children. She has worked in the temperament field in a number of capacities including in the ground breaking anticipatory guidance program through Kaiser Hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area and with The Preventive Ounce offering education and counseling services for temperament related issues to families with infants and young children.

Alice has two grown children whose temperaments prompted her interest in that direction. Alice enjoys writing and has been published in a number of parenting newsmagazines. She has had two articles on temperament published in Psychotherapy Networker. She is passionately dedicated to helping people honor who they are, discover their strengths and find individualized solutions to the challenges in their lives.

Alice's Perspective on Therapy

  • I believe in the importance of good self care. That therapeutic experiences come in all shapes and sizes in addition to therapy, like positive self talk, a hug, writing in a journal, or going for a walk.
  • I believe that the best of therapy sessions will not be helpful without personal applications in between sessions.
  • I believe that solutions are as varied as people.
  • I believe that the majority of people get in their own way more than concrete events and experiences. I also believe that most people have more inner resources than they are aware of or are utilizing.
  • I believe in inspiration and in practical solutions.
  • I believe that everyone has a meaningful life story and in the power of telling that story and having it heard.
  • I believe that parents spend way more time with their children than I ever will and that when parents learn new ways of understanding and responding to their children those children can have a therapeutic experience all week long.
  • I believe that solutions don’t have to be big even for big problems; they just need to be right.
  • I believe in asking questions.
  • I believe in the power of observation without judgment.
  • I believe that change starts with each of us.
  • I believe that a positive therapy experience involves therapists and clients who work together as partners, that each brings their own expertise into the room.
  • I believe in the healing power of thoughts, of humor, of knowledge and finding what works best for each of us.